Glossator 9 (2015): Pearl

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The Healing Monsters Cover Reveal!

Originally posted on Despumation Press:

TheHealingMonstersCoverAnd here it is, folks. We’d like to thank Sean Frasier for all of his time, effort, and energy in creating this cover for us. It rules, he rules. This all just rules.

We’ve been busy-busy putting The Healing Monsters together, and by “monster,” I really mean monster. We’re looking at thirty-one authors, and over thirty-one stories and poems–as it stands, we’re looking at at least 450 pages. Should it have been this huge? Probably not. But here’s a fact: too many people wanted to be part of this in order to help out Dustin and Katherine. And when something like that happens, you just don’t cut stuff out for the sake of brevity. Screw that. So, when this puppy goes up sale, and you drop your hard-earned cash for it, you’ll be doing two things: 1) You’ll be contributing to helping out Dustin LaValley with his healthcare costs and…

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Mors Mystica BMTS 77721 Poster

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University of Southern Denmark ‘Mostly Metal’ Seminar Series: ‘What is Black Metal Theory?’

Full details of USD’s ‘The Aesthetics of Musics and Sound “Mostly Metal” Research Seminar Series,’ available HERE (participation is free and welcome via Skype).

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Glossator 11 (2016): Marianne Moore – CFP

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Marianne Moore’s indictment of her own craft remains to this day a shrewd affront to critical exegesis. Piqued by ‘the immovable critic’, she treads a fine line in ‘Poetry’ between approbation and displeasure, a feeling entangled in the confession that ‘we do not admire what / we cannot understand’. Notwithstanding her penchant for axioms of this sort, Moore inclines elsewhere to a mode of expression that is dense, riddling and allusive; a poetics fit for sustained ‘inspection’, perhaps, but one whose fluid textual condition also resists ‘high sounding interpretation’. Given Moore’s tendency to revise published material – shuffling, redacting, reworking, restoring – it has often been difficult to say what ‘all this fiddle’ amounts to.

In taking Moore’s doubts about interpretation seriously, this special issue of Glossator proposes a broad approach to her verse and the stylistics of commentary. Glossing, annotating, doodling, and footnoting – Moore was always sensitive to…

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Social Alternatives – Call for Thematic Issues

Originally posted on All that is Solid for Glenn Rikowski:

Social Alternatives Social Alternatives


Dear Colleagues

Social Alternatives is seeking proposals from Guest Editors for Thematic Issues

Social Alternatives:

Social Alternatives is an independent, quarterly refereed journal which aims to promote and inform public debate, commentary and dialogue about contemporary social, political, economic and environmental issues.

Social Alternatives analyses, critiques and reviews contemporary social issues and problems. The journal seeks to generate insight, knowledge, and understanding of contemporary circumstances in order to determine local, national, and global implications. We are committed to the principles of social justice and to creating spaces of dialogue intended to stimulate social alternatives to current conditions.

Social Alternatives values the capacity of intellectual and artistic endeavour to prompt imaginative solutions and alternatives and publishes refereed articles, review essays, commentaries and book reviews as well as short stories, poems, images and cartoons.

The journal has grappled with matters of contemporary concern for…

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footnote to silence

Originally posted on gnOme:


Ars Cogitanda. footnote to silence. ISBN-13: 978-0692352311. ISBN-10: 0692352317. gnOme. 2014. 62 pp.

Cast as the footnotes to an invisible text, the beings identified as the “assembled footnoters” roil their way through the text chastising, exhorting, praising, fulminating, and otherwise reacting to that which cannot be perceived. Characters such as Gertrude, the sinoburius fossil and Stanley the long-dead Australopithecine anchor narrative components of the text, as limited as they may be. Silence, which erupts in various guises, variously represents the body, inarticulate spaces between letters, the unwanted, the unknowable. Drawing upon an large body of scientific work ranging from inter-kingdom bacterial signalling to the neurology of empathy, the manuscript explores what it means to think of ourselves as things in the world of posthuman systems theory. Referencing the powers and weaknesses of language and its more fundamental cousin somatic communication, the manuscript de-articulates standard conceptual frameworks that found themselves on passive notions of…

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