Black Metal Theory [lecture notes: 27/11/12]


Edia Connole and Michael O’Rourke

Black Metal Theory, NCAD, 27-11-12

Introductory Reading:

Michael O’Rourke (2011) The Mutual Pestering of Black Metal and Theory


Edia Connole (2011) What is Black Metal Theory?

  [scroll down to lecture 7]


Until the Light Takes Us (2009) dir. Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell

Presentation 1:

Edia Connole, ‘Ice and Death: Hyperborean Black Metal Aesthetics’

Presentation 2:

Michael O’Rourke, ‘Rot, Vomit, Cinders: Arkworking and Artworking’



[Defaced excerpt from] Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, ‘Transcendental Black Metal: A Vision of Apocalyptic Humanism [2009 – ],’ Hideous Gnosis (2011).

Alisa Andrasek/Biothing, Negaresturing Pavilion project video, 2011.


About Philosophy Now!

A forum for research, discussion, debate and critique of philosophical issues arising from the 3rd year undergraduate 'Philosophy Now!' course, facilitated at the National College of Art and Design (NCAD), Dublin, Ireland, by Edia Connole (PhD candidate, NCAD/GradCAM) and Tina Kinsella (PhD candidate, NCAD/GradCAM) (eds). DISCLAIMER: The Views and statements expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of NCAD or its staff.
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